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ROE-Recycled Original Equipment

Why Choose Recycled Original Equipment Auto Parts?

ROE-Recycled Original Equipment Since 1943



Automotive recyclers supply retail and wholesale customers with quality ROE - Recycled Original Equipment manufactured auto parts that cost 20 percent to 80 percent less than comparable new automobile parts.

Environment Automobiles are among the most recycled products in the world. By choosing recycled auto parts, you help preserve natural resources, reduce air and water pollution and divert material from landfills.



Professional automotive recyclers use robust quality control procedures to reclaim and sell only those ROE - Recycled Original manufactured car parts that are in good condition and meet industry standards. Reputable auto recyclers guarantee their auto parts with warranties, too.

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If you want to start using recycled original equipment manufactured auto parts for repairs on your own vehicle, just ask your mechanic or repair shop. They’ll find the right part for your vehicle through a network of professional auto recyclers.